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Thank you for the interest in my new children's book!


My son was born just before the covid lock-down and I spent full days for a year at home with him as a newborn.

My favorite activity with him became reading children’s books, and I was inspired to create my own book. Producing this first title was such a great experience that I decided to do a series. Plus, I’ve got a captive audience in my lap for the next few years that demands good content! 😃

I need your help in reaching this goal:

30 Reviews on Amazon


This will launch the book and then set up the series for stronger visibility. I plan to produce 15-20 titles over the next 3yrs.


Here's how you can help (don't worry it'll only take 5min):

FREE eBook


1. To get the FREE eBook, go here:

2.  Take 1min to read — enjoy!

3. Please leave an honest review here:

    (No purchase necessary)

I'll follow up and share the results on social media.

Your help is most appreciated!

Thank you,

- Eric


Eric & Kai Klassen

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