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Eric Klassen

Eric and Kai Klassen

Eric is an award-winning producer, educator, and children’s book author. He taught production at The University of Southern California and he designed innovative educational programs that are being taught in schools across the world. He's an executive producer for the cable industry and creates vision-films about future-tech experiences. In his youth, he had athletic success that led him to study with master teachers, and he transformed from a life of empty competition to one of love and meaning.

Eric grew up in a family of athletes, and coming out of high school, he became the US prep National Champion in the Decathlon, accepted a full scholarship to the University of Southern California, and was on his way to the Olympics. About halfway through his collegiate career, he started to lose interest.


He began to see emptiness in the competitive pursuit of just being on top. His social life was interlaced within the circles of celebrity and status which mostly intensified the emptiness, and he began to question the world around him. He graduated, moved into the mountains, became a pro snowboarder, and met master teachers that changed his life.


Eric was mentored by the legendary surfer, Mickey Muñoz, who taught him about joyful creative expression. At the same time, he began studying with the Taoist master Richard Tsim, where he was introduced to Mahayana/Chan meditation, and he began to have new experiences of being. With having cracked a door into an unforeseen mystery, he dove deeply into Eastern study and practice.


He then met Western mystic and presidential advisor, Bill Lemieux, who took him on as his third disciple. Eric’s life transformed into an intense study to understand the infinite self in relationship with the divine. During twenty years of focused study with Bill and while developing as a creative professional, he learned how to break away from limiting social controls and experience the presence of God in his becoming.


In an act to evolve the US athletic system and to bring more education to the action sports, Eric co-founded the company Skate Pass. The company made headlines by getting skateboarding accepted into physical education and was named in the top 50 most innovative educational companies by Trend Hunter. The company's programs operate in thousands of schools in the US and across the world.


Eric began to discern whether to enter the monastery, but his love of story and the digital media revolution would keep him in the secular world. Eric was recruited back to USC to teach New Media production, and he continues to produce on emerging new media technologies for CableLabs, a non-profit consortium for the cable industry. He led the production for the vision-film series, The Near Future, which received Marcom’s highest Platinum award. He also produced A Journey of God, an audio series and publication profiling Bill Lemieux’s core teachings.


During the covid lockdown, Eric spent full days at home with his infant son where he became a fan of early reader children’s books and was inspired to create his own series, Adventures Into the Heart. He hopes it playfully echoes the teachings from his life and that the series brings more love and joy to parents and children of all ages.


He currently lives in Boulder, CO with his wife, son and cat, where he continues to write, produce, and teach as inspired by God.

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